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If you’re not on a personalized development program, watch your golfing goals drift further away!

Looking for a tailored solution to your Golfing Woes?

If you’re not on a personalised development program, watch your golfing goals drift further away!

Our Story

With 20 years of playing experience & 10 years worth of exposure in elite coaching both as a player and as an instructor, Yusuf Raidhan is now making online coaching accessible, simple & effective.

Yusuf started his golf journey at the tender age of 7 at a small Country Club in Limbe, Malawi (Southern Africa) with limited resources. He then went on to work with some of the best instructors in the world from the UK, to Spain, USA and South Africa, all in pursuit of mastering his profession.
As the Director of Instruction at YR Golf Consulting, Yusuf possesses both a broad knowledge base and exceptional communication skills, which when coupled together, can help any golfer out there achieve their goals!
Our goal at YRGC is to help you achieve your goal through a personalised, online golf coaching service like no other. There is nothing generic about our methods, nor is any individual categorised. Our practice & development plans are tailored to suit YOU.

We use a combination of platforms such as SKILLEST (biggest online coaching platform in the world), CoachNow (your personal locker), state of the art swing analysis softwares and Zoom to keep the communication clear & uncomplicated.

Online Coaching is a better way to learn and here’s why: 

  • No time restrictions- get a lesson at your discretion
  • Unlimited Feedback 
  • The Coaches are able to make a more informed decision 
  • Progress of the golfer is enhanced due to the constant communication 


Skillest is a platform that simplifies online golf instruction and allows players to access their coach at a touch of a button!


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