Online Golf Lessons- The Future?

Why Is Online Golf Coaching So Effective?

Having given thousands of in person lessons over the years and being skeptical about the efficiency/productivity of an online lesson, it is fair to say that Online Coaching is the future and here are a couple of reasons why: 

As The Coach

  • During an in person lesson, a coach has 10-15 minutes to make a collective decision on what changes to make with the student. Whereas with online coaching, the coach is able to look at the swing over a longer period of time, allowing him/her to make a more informed decision. 
  • The coach is able to make incremental changes over a longer period of time resulting in more consistency for the golfer. 
  • Through platforms or applications such as Zoom & Skillest, communication between coach and student is made easier. The continuous loop of feedback is more accessible to student- ensuring that they are always on track- thus eradicating the need for age old coaching techniques that requires the player to be in front of their coach at all times.
  • The coach is able to tailor the approach for students- enhancing both the quality of lessons given and the time spent instructing them. Rather than touching base solely during an in person lesson (in most cases, once a month); the student has the flexibility of contacting their coach at any point.

As The Player


  • No sense of anxiety or pressure of being in front of a Coach (allows the player to upload golf swings made in a more controlled environment -making the data more accurate) 
  • Players can send through feedback/videos at any given time; whether that may be a video during a round of golf where they are struggling, or are even playing quite well. 
  • Players have the luxury of having their feedback accessible at a touch of a button on their mobile phones. 
  • Having daily  guidance and interaction with the coach to ensure they are on the right track. 

Could an Online Program Help You Get Better, Faster?

The ultimate goal for a coach is to help golfers play better and achieve their goals. This is far easier through the constant communication online coaching provides. As for the student, it is a great luxury to have  unlimited access, invaluable guidance & ultimately, a pathway to bring those scores down!